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Playwright Kirsten Greenidge, in whose play Splendor Janice appeared at Company One, calls the actor “truthful in everything she does. As theatre artists, we often strive to do this. I do not think Obehi strives for this—she is it, and then she allows the rest of us to witness. I don’t know very many other people like that.” Working with her, Greenidge says, “is extraordinary in the purest sense of the word.”

In “The Gift Horse,’’ that adds up to a roomy showcase for an actress who deserves one and knows what to do with it: Obehi Janice. She delivers an empathetic, wholly committed performance as a teacher and artist named Ruth, an unfinished woman in whom, thanks to Janice, we become willing to make an emotional investment. (Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe)

"Obehi Janice as Rosaline teases and tricks her way through her flirtation with Berowne, deploying sass that makes 400-year-old words seem fresh and modern." — StreetTrotter

"Bowen’s fast-paced verbal duels with his lady love, Rosaline, played here with whiplash glee by Obehi Janice, are easily the highlights of the production. Their exchanges are enough to make you want to see the actors go full tilt by playing Beatrice and Benedick in a production of Much Ado About Nothing." — Fuse Theater Review

Here Jason Bowen makes a dashing if also sheepish Berowne, Obehi Janice a honey-voiced, utterly-in-command Rosaline, her every silken put-down echoed by an undulating shoulder. — The Artery

"Janice brings plenty of star wattage to the stage and makes the material her own." — The Artery

"THEATER: WE'RE GONNA DIE." — Joyce's Choices

"BWW Review: WE'RE GONNA DIE in New England Premiere." — Broadway World Boston

‘Actress and playwright Obehi Janice has two first names and talent to spare’